Our Story

Understanding the company behind the creation

Accio Energy has closed. 

Since its founding in 2008, Accio Energy forged new paths in turbine-free wind energy generation and  established a world-leading team and patent-protected technology position in this field.  Accio’s team succeeded in developing electrohydrodyanmic (EHD) technology to commercially attractive power density levels using primarily (a) the creation of engineered droplets with efficient size and charge characteristics and (b) the creative management of complex local electric fields (Accio’s primary ‘secret sauce’).

However, as of 2017, the Company determined that a two year technology focus to develop more cost-effective core EHD technologies would require $3.5-$4M. Following success, subsequent work would focus on wave pump, controls, power takeoff, and other balance of systems in service of achieving a single, part-scale prototype unit. This next phase effort would require additional resources of $10-$20M.

Accio was unsuccessful in securing the funding required to achieve its next major milestone.

We would like to thank all the investors in Accio Energy who provided early and ongoing funding that enabled Accio Energy to develop and prove the technical function of the first ever and most powerful net positive Electrohydrodynamic wind energy demonstrations in the world.

We would especially like to thank all the employees of Accio Energy over the years, without whom the advancement of the technology  would not have been possible.