Exploring Accio's portfolio


Offshore wind energy markets are attractive because they offer high winds in proximity to population centers around the world. Even better, the high winds of afternoon sea breezes naturally align with demand for power. Wind turbines have struggled to penetrate this market due to their high cost when placed offshore and public resistance to negative impact on valuable viewscapes.

Accio Energy’s EHD wind energy systems are a natural fit for the massive offshore wind energy market. With a modular design and a 40% higher capacity factor, EHD systems are a disruptive solution that can eliminate up to 50% of the cost of offshore wind farms. Through such savings, EHD wind energy will ultimately achieve unsubsidized cost parity with U.S. coal and natural gas plants. At projected rates, EHD wind energy would be the lowest cost option for much of the rest of the world, especially the 40% of the population living within 65 miles of shoreline.

With the right resources, Accio’s generator has the potential to completely disrupt the existing global utility-scale wind power industry and realize a significant share of the eventual $100B offshore wind market.

Auxiliary Markets

While the offshore market offers a perfect technology and value proposition fit for EHD wind systems, there are also auxiliary markets that may be developed. The modular and motionless design of EHD wind energy systems make them attractive for rapid deployment in defense, the developing world, and disaster relief.

The EHD wind energy system’s scalability lends itself to industrial and commercial sites with plentiful wind and the need to generate power nearby.