Progress to Date

Making strides in electrohydrodynamic wind energy

Progress to Date

Focusing on Four Areas of Innovation

The concept of using charged water droplets to harness wind energy dates to the late 1960’s. These early researchers showed that the theoretical physics likely work but were unable to demonstrate a net energy positive system. Accio Energy’s world class engineering team has accomplished at least four technology breakthroughs to date that set the stage for commercial success with more on the horizon.

Net Positive Performance

Unique among all researchers to date, Accio Energy has designed and tested EHD wind energy systems that demonstrate continuously increasing scale and net positive energy generation.

3-D Physics Modeling

Accio’s multi-physics predictive modeling addresses the complex interactions between electric fields and charged particles in multiphase flows, far surpassing previous analytical models.

Electric Field Management

Accio’s novel designs manage complex electric field effects overlooked by previous researchers, enabling dramatic increases in energy density.

Increased Power Density

In five-year window, power density improved 100x, achieving a commercially compelling product threshold. Higher power density means greater power per unit area and lowers manufacturing and installation costs.

Intellectual Property

Accio Energy has a world-leading IP portfolio including six issued U.S. patents and one issued patent in China, with additional patent applications filed globally. In addition Accio has numerous trade secret tools and processes developed since the company was founded in 2008.

The fundamental technology of EHD wind energy is not a new idea. The concept was first considered and patented in the 1960’s. However, all previous investigators failed to obtain the results suggested by the simple analytical approach in these expired patents. The key to EHD wind energy is controlling the complex electric fields that form between the charged droplets, the droplet source, and the ground. Failure to control the fields prevents charged droplets from forming and moving to ground, which prevents the generator from creating electricity. Accio Energy is the first team to have identified how to control the complex electric fields and produce commercially attractive power.