Why EHD Wind Power?

Explaining the benefits of Accio's generator

Imagine if the wind turbine of the future is not a wind turbine at all

What if there is a better way to convert wind energy into electricity than three 150 foot blades going up to 180 mph while spinning around a 140 ton housing 250 feet in the air?

All power generation methods compete with each other on cost; a key advantage of Accio Energy’s approach is the potential to make offshore wind power cost-competitive without subsidies against natural gas, even at today’s historically low prices. Accio wind energy can achieve the projected cost reductions because of two main advantages vs. wind turbines:

  1. Lower manufacturing cost
  2. Higher capacity factor

Accio Energy wind systems will be much cheaper to manufacture because of their modular, panelized design, with a similar energy density, size and form factor as solar panels. Accio systems, composed of common materials, can be manufactured using automotive manufacturing technologies and cost structure. A single Accio wind panel that is the height and length of a standard shipping container could produce 2.5-3 kW of rated power as part of a utility-scale array.

Accio Energy’s team includes manufacturing experts and former automotive OEM manufacturing executives. We estimate that a single manufacturing facility the size of an automotive assembly plant should be able to produce at least 4,000 such panels each day, resulting in 10-12MW of wind generation capacity. This is equivalent to delivering four 3MW wind turbines every day of the year from a single plant.

Power Curve

Accio Energy wind energy systems have up to a 40% higher capacity factor than wind turbines. In traditional wind power, wind energy moves a mechanical structure with heavy rotating loads and a high fixed mass inertia. In Accio systems, wind energy couples to water droplets that move charge against an emergent electric field to produce electrical power. Accio wind systems have a variable inertia, since the number of droplets and the charge on the droplets can be adjusted instantaneously. As a result, an Accio wind system can operate at peak efficiency at all wind speeds resulting in a power curve as shown above, with a 40% increase in capacity factor, and the associated 40% increase in energy generation.